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Company Vision:

The RateHub website is incomparable to other mortgage websites on the net. The mortgage rates company was founded with the vision and passion of Alyssa Richard. Alyssa is a high-level thinker with a passion for mortgages. Graduating from Queen’s School of Business, she possessesa wealth of knowledge and experience in the financial services industry. It was at Bain & Company consulting that she was introduced to mortgage websites which empower consumers to make smart financial choices.

Putting her experience to good use, she attempted to build a website, which assists Canadians in accessing a vast array of lending institutions in order to obtain the best mortgage rates.


The web development team at Business Media got together with Alyssa to implement and translate the company’s vision into a tangible project. Alyssa and her team desired to create a start-up solution; the key was to radically transform the way users obtain mortgage rates online. The method was never before used and was inspired by a technique originally used as a pilot project by Alyssa.

The project was a collaborative effort between the client and our team. It was a challenge for both parties as the new website was being built from scratch and involved new mortgage calculators and an innovative affiliate program. However, we had one goal in mind and that was to create a customized e-commerce platform that presented a professional appearance, increased visitor usability and drove traffic and sales to the website. We set out to achieve this objective by first outlining the company goals and by identifying the end-results our customer sought.


We combined the most advanced web technology with the most effective web design to bring our client a web based solution that was not only unique, but also clean, fully-functional and easy-to-use.  Alyssa provided us with a positive review and was satisfied with the results she got. The end product mirrored the goals and objectives she initially set.


Today, the website is exceeding expectations. With high search engine visibility results, more traffic and conversions, and enhanced brand recognition, revenues areskyrocketing. RateHubenjoys its thriving eBusiness and continues to expand its horizons.

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