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 Keywords Are The Key

The important thing to remember about keywords in a Pay Per Click campaign is that they need to reach a target audience and then motivate that target audience to take action. You want your ad to use transaction keywords such as "buy," "click" and "purchase" to give your ads a call to action, but you also need to utilize keywords that reach each part of your target audience.
Each PPC ad should focus on one specific message and one specific group. This will allow you to compare the effectiveness of keywords and develop a list of keywords that truly works. The most profitable keywords are the ones that you want to use in all of your PPC advertising. You will find these profitable keywords through a process of trial and error.
Look For Click-Through Rate
You can change keywords in your PPC campaign to determine which keywords are truly reaching your target audience. One of the best ways to determine the effectiveness of a PPC ad is to monitor the click-through rate of your ad. This is how often people see the ad and then click the link in your call to action. The keywords with the higher click-through rates are the ones that reach your target audience and inspire them to check out your website.
The Functionality Of A Good PPC Ad
There are a few elements you need to pay attention to if you want your PPC ad to be successful. The first is the wording within the ad itself. Your ad wording needs to be concise but effective. It needs to use keywords in the ad to excite readers to want to see what your website has to offer.
To increase your sales conversion rate for your ads, you need to use landing pages that are in line with the message in your ad. Too many website owners pay for PPC advertising that simply lands users on the Home webpage. You need to create a specific landing page for each ad that answers the questions raised by the search query and cause the searcher to make a buying decision.
Test Your Ads Constantly
Is the click-through rate on your PPC ads low? Then change the keywords and test to see which keywords are working. Is your click-through rate high and your sales conversion rate low? Then you need to work on your landing page and make it more effective. Persistent testing of your PPC campaign will help you to make the changes you need to create an effective ad that will generate revenue.
Utilize Analytics To Increase Results
Google Analytics is a powerful piece of software that will tell you where your traffic is coming from and how your traffic found your website. You can see how many people from Oklahoma City are clicking through on your PPC ad to use your website. If your goal is to increase business in Oklahoma City, then utilize your Analytics software to adjust your PPC campaign to get the results you are looking for.
Analytics will also tell you the bounce rate of your landing pages, which is valuable information. Your click-through rate may be high, but if your landing page bounce rate is also high then visitors do not like your landing page. Keep working on your landing page until your bounce rate drops and you start generating revenue.
Use Extensions
Ad extensions for your PPC ads can help to dramatically increase the effectiveness of your marketing campaign. You can add extra links to your ad that will take your customers to useful pages on your site such as your product FAQ page or links to other pricing specials you are offering.
You can also use extensions to make it easier for customers to find your physical location and call your business directly from the ad to place an order. You can help your customers to make it easier to do business with you and find the information they need simply by adding extensions to your PPC campaign.
Keywords are still king on the Internet and nowhere is that more evident that with PPC campaigns. Start experimenting with keywords, landing pages and extensions and you will start to see more revenue-generating traffic from your target audience.

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