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Future Vision

A little bit outdated (from 2011) but still fun to watch productivity future vision. Future may not be necessarily exactly like that, but we can see the trend. It will certainly be reflected in web design as well as other UI such as content management systems, web applications and so on.


Responsive Web Design is Now Necessary to Succeed

Previously, mobile-friendly web pages were encouraged and could help your ranking. However, now, if you choose not to make your website responsive, it could actually hurtyour ranking. Mobile-Friendless As a Ranking Signal – Time is Ticking Google announced they’ll be updating thei...


Reach Your Ideal Client With PPC

 Keywords Are The Key   The important thing to remember about keywords in a Pay Per Click campaign is that they need to reach a target audience and then motivate that target audience to take action. You want your ad to use transaction keywords such as "buy," "click" a...