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 Responsive Web Design

This is a web design style which is directed at providing an optimum viewing experience for users; thus, making it easy for them to read and navigate websites with lesser needs for scrolling down and up or sideways and panning or resizing whether one is using a mobile device, desktop, and laptop monitor. For a few years now, this approach has slowly become the standard when it comes to web designing.
There Will Be More Focus on Text Design
The truth is that text in print is really different when compared with text in websites. In print, there is a rule of inserting everything in one page so that readers will not turn several pages in order to read about ideas. With websites, however, loading all text in one page means that you are going to decrease text size and this can be a bad thing. The concept to avoid squeezing all text in one page is nothing new; it is just that some website designers were quite slow to adapt to this idea.
There are three main factors to consider about the readability of text font in web sites:
1. Type Size
2. Column Width
3. Line Height
According to several studies, bigger text fonts are indeed more conducive when you talk of navigating experience among users. Thus, web designers are starting to implement the ideas promoted by responsive web design.
Auto Web Design
There is an impending threat among web designers and that is the emergence of website generators. With these technologies, ordinary people can design their own web. While these could be very expensive initially but as the market for this product category become more in demand and suppliers will crowd the market, at the end of the day, website generators will become cheaper and there is a tendency that older versions will be become bundle items for latest versions of such products.
More Interactive Content
Interesting content are still important, however, content in websites will become more interactive as customers will demand the kind of content they want to read and access on different websites. For example, customers might have a freehand in product design through creation of a design page in product websites. It is also highly possible that sharing stories will reach another level like someone compiling testimonial stories about the product and demanding that the stories will have a specific page in the website.
The year 2015 is indeed a challenging year for website designers as they will not only have to contend with existing trends but also trends that will affect their jobs.

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