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Whenever you work on your website, it would be vital to take SEO into consideration every step of the way. In other words, whether it be for web design, web content, loading time or user navigation, you will have to optimize everything for your readers before anything else – though keeping search engine bots would be quite important, too.

Generally speaking, the better your website SEO is, the higher your ranking will be on search engines. This will, in turn, result in more visibility, more clicks and more conversions overall. Basically, everything works like the domino effect, but SEO is what initiates that first vital push.

Even if you are currently interested in using infinite scrolling, the same idea still remains. That`s right. Even when it comes to infinite scrolling, SEO is just as important as with anything else. If you aren`t too familiar with infinite scrolling just yet, then you should know 
that it would be very helpful for your website and its readers as it can constantly load new information onto a web page as they scroll down. In other words, your readers will be able to continually scroll down your web pages and see new information appear as they scroll. It works like an infinite page of information, so to speak, because they will no longer have to click on anything to read the next page or wait for a new page to load, for that matter.

Infinite scrolling first came into the forefront when mobile gadgets became a worldwide phenomenon. Since more and more people started to browse through the World Wide Web on portable gadgets, more and more businesses started to realize that they needed to make scrolling much easier on their sites, as well. Since mobile phones usually have small screens, information had to be presented vertically and infinitely, which made this type of scrolling practically a no-brainer. 

There are actually a lot of benefits that come with this type of scrolling. If you incorporate real-time information on your website, then infinite scrolling would be a great way to ensure that users can scroll through it with ease. It will also ensure that everything on your website stays up-to-date as needed. This is actually one of the biggest reasons why so many big social networks make use of infinite scrolling nowadays. 

If your site hosts a lot of information, whether in real-time or not, infinite scrolling can also help you manage all of it much easier, regardless of how much information you have coming in at one time.

Of course, infinite scrolling does have its downsides, too. A lot of people find it quite overwhelming to scroll down continuously just to find what they are looking for, for example. Since there isn`t any stopping point, a lot of users don`t find it very appealing, either. In fact, some users find it downright exhausting and distracting. So, if you are a business owner, you will need to take these things into consideration and decide whether infinite scrolling really is the way to go with your website or not before making the commitment.

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