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Below you can find 5 of the most common mistakes in terms of web design:

The use of design features that worsen the user`s experience
If your site is one of those that require visitors to deliver an endless number of clicks or to go through different pop-up ads in order to buy something, then you are likely to lose potential visitors at the blink of an eye. You might be the best salesman in the world, but if you don`t offer your clients the possibility to purchase things fast and simple, you will lose.
Bad navigation
Visitors, especially the new ones, have to discover the purpose of your sidebar and the information attached there within a few seconds from the opening of the page. Web designers have to assure that the navigation menu can offer answers to questions like: what page did I saw last and what is my next move? How can I return to the home page? Where am I now?
Not offering the correct information
People check your site because they are looking for something. In some cases, the information they are looking for is so hidden that it is hard to even realize if you are in the right place or not. One clear example in this case is not giving information related to the price of a product you are displaying on your website. By not providing vital information, like extra fees or shipping details, you might discover that your clients will easily get frustrated and abandon the purchase completely.
Extra content
A web designer has to maintain the site he or she is building as organized and clean as possible. Be careful with the amount of content, graphics or ads that you include into your site. Remember that from time to time, it`s good to have some blank space.
Exaggerate content on your web page will damage the way your site can be used, because the viewers will have problems with the extra load. Not to mention that lots of content can also make the site load extremely slowly.
Contrast of text
This is related to bad typography in the process of creation. It is vital to make your text stand out from the background of the page. And this should happen especially when you have call-to-action features. Dark colored text goes great with light-colored backgrounds.

Bad Website Structure

Website structure is as important as any other point, It is important that the website is Responsive for all mobile platforms. Any use of Flash elements would degrade the User Experience big time. In addition to this 404 page, breadcrumbs all go big time in improving User Experience

Did you know that one of the easiest things to do when it comes to web design is creating poorly designed websites? Unfortunately, from the time websites become en vogue up to the present, there are still web designers who are guilty of doing this. The situation becomes even more dumbfounding considering the progress web designing has made in terms of technology, knowledge, and skills; these bad characteristics should have been eliminated by now.

Indeed, just because the page is colourful or has lots of interesting articles, it is already an attraction for users to flock and remain loyal to your website. The above ideas suggest that a good web design is not about taste and preference exclusively but also includes functionality and navigation.


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