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If you want to maintain the attention of your visitors and convince them to return to your business, then you should have a certain preparation in the domain. Your site has to be unique and contain exclusive information. It should focus on key elements that support the interaction between the site and the content, taking into account things like Internet speed, the user`s attention or patience, and many more.
The following tips can help you when you prepare your site:
How accessible is your design?
Visitors should manage to have access to the entire site without problems. The navigation tabs and buttons must be visible easily to everyone. In addition to this, you can also add a sitemap in order to guide your visitors easier. This way they can find what they need fast and easy. It can become frustrating to jump from one page to the other in order to check out a piece of information. This will make visitors lose their interest and search another site that offers what they want without haggling too much.
Layout and interface
The content should come in a logical way in order to be followed without difficulties. The interface is the element that connects the viewer with the site so make sure your website is user-friendly. This means placing the important information first and then the less important one. Include in the forms clear examples, and if your site is for children, add some colorful boxes. Furthermore, it would also be a good idea to arrange the info so as to keep their interest for a long time.

User experience
Don`t underestimate your visitors. Always assume that they are well-informed in what concerns flash elements, videos or JavaScript features. So use these in order to make the design of your site more attractive. But don`t fall into the other extreme by adding animations or God knows what other blinking text that might make you appear an amateur. You should also restrain yourself from explaining how to use these elements and focus more on the content. Your design should remain moderate, but in style.
Graphic design
Using graphics is the best way to present information online. By posting images you can display the information in an interesting and fun way. This is very important when you want to capture the attention of the reader over an extended period of time. But remember that sometimes more is less, and that lots of images can stop the page from loading properly. Remember to use the right sizes and resolutions.
Lots of programs that deal with graphics editing feature a certain resolution for web graphics. The perfect compromise is to create a file without losing a lot of quality. Visitors tend to run away from sites that take a long time to load.
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