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The Training Academy of Ontario is a Canadian based company working out of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Employing only the top instructors in their fields, they have developed a wide variety of training programs for various industries, including Law Enforcement Training programs. On April 15, 2010 The Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services, under  The Private Security and Investigative Services Act, 2005 (PSISA) set new regulations mandating that personnel who want to work in the Private Security industry must complete a 40 hour Basic Security Training and complete testing prior to being licensed. 

The Training Academy of Ontario has the highest accreditation in the security training field (Canadian Federal Governments C.G.S.B. certification to 133.1-2008 standard, listing #89065), to guide new applicants to a successful pass of their ministry test, then move into key positions with security companies which are in great need of skilled and trained people to serve and protect their respective clients.

The Head Instructor, Kevin Vandeyck Ph.D has worked in the private security sector working as a security guard, supervisor and trainer for several private security companies in the Greater Toronto Area since 1988 and has been teaching Law Enforcement and Use of Force since 1994.

With certifications to teach everything from entry level guards to advanced use of force and close protection, Kevin brings a wealth of knowledge and humor to the programs he provides.  He is an accomplished martial artist, public speaker and coupled with a background in Psychology and Human Behavior, his insight lends real world application to even the most complex concepts. 

Kevin says “Have you ever been to a seminar or training class and upon completion you felt good, maybe it was as if you had been pumped up to the point where you believed you could take on any task no matter how large and conquer anything?  Then over the next few weeks the feelings started to fade as you found the excitement and wonder was not in others around you and your being pumped up wasn`t enough anymore.  It was like everything was drained out of you. WHAT IF THAT COULD CHANGE? Now you can be an optimist or a pessimist about any situation.  Pessimists never see the opportunities right in front of them.  They never see the benefits of anything.  Whereas optimists think constantly about what they want in life and how they would feel if they got it today.  Up to this point what has prevented you from having exactly what you want? Remember The Key to Positive Change that Stays is… RESULTS.  Practical Application of skills.  The human mind is motivated by one thing and that is results.  When your brain recognizes results in what you do, it will do it again and again.  When you recognize positive results in what you do, you start to apply what you`ve learned to other situations and take that success to new levels.  The Training Academy of Ontario deals in results and practical application of advanced technologies in all our teachings and interactions. Your new career is just within reach, because candidates with the right motivation, attitude and proper training will excel in this field into key responsible positions; with great responsibility can come great pay.”

The Training Academy of Ontario is the ideal place for individuals wishing to enter the Security and Investigations workplace or those seeking affordable advance security training as you prepare for law enforcement, private security career advancement and much more.

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