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  1. People are increasingly using smartphones and tablets to browse the web, rather than
    traditional desktop computers or laptops. Numbers of web-users browsing from their mobiles are
    increasing exponentially as more businesses decide to become mobile friendly. Shouldn’t you be
    heading in the same direction?
  2. People can browse smartphones and tablets from any place, any time. If your website is
    mobile accessible you could pick up potential clients as they ride home on the bus or subway, or as
    they relax in their back garden, or wait for a dental appointment… Web browsing on a mobile device
    is not restricted to the home or office – it can be done from anywhere there is mobile network signal.
    Wouldn’t it help your business grow if you could take advantage of this flexible accessibility?
  3. Mobile networks continue to extend their services into ever wider areas. If you have a mobile
    accessible website your potential market will expand alongside the ever-developing mobile
    networks. Why not hitch a ride and watch your business grow too?
  4. Mobile devices accompany potential clients wherever they go and so are a perfect means of
    communicating by social media. Tempt your clients in real time with up to the minute information via
    Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other social media instant messages, and then with just one click
    enable them to move from the social media site directly into your website for easier conversion.
  5. A mobile website would enable your online business to reach all those possible customers
    who don’t own desktop or laptop computers. Just think of all the potential new clients you are
    missing if your website is inaccessible on their device. There are more than 1.2 billion web-users
    worldwide who browse from mobile devices. Wouldn’t you like to tap into this market?
  6. Ever seen you child doing homework on their mobile phone? To many young people, a
    mobile phone IS their computer – they make no distinction between the two. This is a trend that
    looks set to continue. Shouldn’t you tap into the habits of the younger generation sooner rather than later?
  7. Having a mobile-accessible website will generate more traffic, leading to greater customer
    engagement, more conversions and probably expand your business. The research suggests that
    having a website that is accessible by hand-held devices can increase your customer engagement
    by up to 85%.
  8. Mobile accessibility is actually straight forward and doesn’t have to cost a fortune. You can
    adapt your current site to give it a fluid layout that it is accessible from any device, or you can create
    a separate site especially for mobile users – the choice is up to you.

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