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What is Joomla?

Joomla is an available option for website owners desiring to have open source content management system platform for their site. Its makeup is simple; the code is written in PHP format and the data is stored in MySQL. There are multiple features of this program, including page caching, RSS feeds, and multiple language support.

This software was first unleashed in 2005 and is quite popular today. It helps you to create, edit, publish and manage the content on your website. Webmasters using the Joomla CMS are usually very happy with the features it incorporates until they get more visitors and need to make updates.


The chief complaint amongst Joomla users is that it is a resource drainer. When sites become popular and the traffic hits are over 50,000 visitors a day, the site tends to crash. A web design expert will need to tweak the code to house the traffic and correctly allocate the resources it is asking from the server.

Another issue relates to Joomla using a non-web standard code.  At the present time, Google and the other search engines hesitantly list your website on the search engine result pages. However, it should be noted that most changes are complicated and even an experienced web design expert will not be able to work with this code efficiently. 

To add to the problems, most templates used by Joomla are created by third party sources, and they all tweak their templates differently. This creates a big problem for web design experts who try to crack the code. Web developers find that  with Joomla websites customization is often not possible and simple updates are often too time consuming. 


Some web designer companies that build custom designed websites do not provide support for websites created using Joomla CMS. Clients who have utilized the program in the past were faced with a difficult decision to redesign their whole website.  The best course of action is to contact a company that specializes in custom design and who can better assist you with your website design and website development needs in the long run.

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