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Deltaplast machinery was established in 1976 to supply extrusion machinery and related equipment for the thermoplastics industry. The company manufactures Single and Twin screw extruders for the following markets: profile, pipe and tubing, compounding, reclaim, wire and cable, and sheet. Deltaplast`s sound engineering and attention to quality have made it a successful company with over 700 extruders in the marketplace today. Deltaplast incorporates an array of features that reduce component wear, replacement/maintenance costs, and most importantly downtime and aggravation. Rather than compromise on quality components, we believe that emphasis on sound engineering and superior manufacturing techniques is what wins respect on the shop floor, and adds profit to your bottom line. All Deltaplast extrusion equipment is built without compromise for reliability, durability, and performance. We invite you to experience a superior level of service, quality, and customer commitment by purchasing your next extruder from Deltaplast.

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