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A beautiful and meaningful logo design can go a long way for the success of your business. It not only showcases the company name to potential customers but also conveys your professionalism and company values.  Even with many effective logo design software, many businesses get this part done wrongly. However, many mistakes can be avoided if the company pays attention while creating their business logo. Here we describe a few common mistakes that businesses make while developing their company logo. If these mistakes are left ignored, your logo will fail to appeal potential customers and clients.

  • Clip art and random graphics

Using clipart and random graphics can make your company logo looking cheap and unprofessional. Some companies use graphics that have copyright and open up the chances for legal actions. You are choosing photos and graphics from internet thinking that no one would find out. Though it will take time to detect copyright, but once found, you will have your company reputation spoiled.

  • Text-only and hard-to-read designs

You may think that you are giving a fancy look to your company name and use swirly fonts you find online. Text-only fonts can only be used by companies with big marketing budgets that can brand their products. There are some basic rules to follow when it comes to choosing professional text fonts for logo design. Instead of copying font styles of big brands, you can take cues from conventional style fonts.

  • Complicated graphics and photos

You may have found some amazing photos over the internet, so you decided to use them for your logo design. Don’t forget that logos have many offline uses as well, such as used on business cards and letterhead. A logo with graphics and photos will not deliver the exact idea you aims to be and moreover, they may confuse customers and make them difficult to decipher.

  • Poor color combination

Using rainbow fonts in this 21st century will give your logo an image of unprofessional and informal. Fonts should have 2-4 complimentary colors in between them, and more colors make logos to look too complex. Moreover, it can make printing difficult and hard to deliver the idea you anticipate.

  • Pointless taglines

Adding a creative and cute tagline is not a bad idea, but the tagline should go in tandem with your business. You can go creative in your marketing efforts, but not while making message to the logo. Use a straightforward message or tagline to describe your business.


  • Special effects and shadows

Special effects can make logo designs to appear too complex and make printing difficult to accomplish. A professional logo design will have minimum vision dimension when designing logo text or graphics.

  • Unnecessary texts

Some companies express through logo design that they are a limited liability company, which is inappropriate. It will add complexity as well. You can add such indications to your tagline.

Having a professional logo design is necessary to suggest high quality business and to get potential customers. Avoid these common logo mistakes and go a long way for a successful logo design.


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