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Web presence has evolved to become a business essential. Originally, only a few entrepreneurs invested their time and energy to online marketing and sales. Now more businesses are establishing their web presence in addition to their traditional storefront marketing campaigns in order to take advantage of the growing and changing global markets.

In order to function, most websites require a web host. A web host is someone who helps businesses and organizations become readily accessible on the World Wide Web. Most huge corporations choose to host their own website, while others opt to utilize the services of a webhost.

This leads us to 2 questions:  1) How to select a web host? and 2) How to select a hosting plan? The article sets out to answer both questions.

1.    How to select a web host?

There are thousands of web hosts eager to help you with your web hosting services. Selecting a web host can be overwhelming for some businesses as there are so many to choose from. We added a list of questions and points for you to consider when choosing the right web host.

  • Technical Support: Do they offer extensive technical support?
  • Downtime: What is their downtime? If servers are consistently down, then the likelihood your business will find a good home there is small.
  • Testimonials: Does the web host have testimonials from credible customers?A good company will not require you be locked into a contract without some recourse.
  • Ease of Use: How much expertise does the user require to utilize the control panel? If you are new to this then you will probably need a less sophisticated control panel that is simple to use.
  • FTP Access:If you are having a website designer create your site then you will also need ftp access to upload the site.
  • Email Accounts:  These are essential for the website. Usually more than one email account is needed to manage a website. Be sure to enquire about that before making any commitments.
  • Extras: You can never forget about the bonuses. This will help you make better comparisons and differentiations between the available web hosts.

2.    How to select a hosting plan?

The most common hosting plans are:

  1. Shared Hosting Plan: This option allows a host to serve multiple sites on a single machine. There is less freedom of action due to security concerns. The option is inexpensive and perfect for businesses that are just beginning their web presence.
  2. Dedicated Hosting Plan: This option has the greatest bandwidth allowance and the largest amount of storage space. There is more flexibility involved, as businesses have full control of the server, including the choice of hardware and operating system.
  3. Custom Solutions/Virtual Private Hosting Plan: This plan bridges the gap between shared website hosting services and dedicated hosting services.This permits our customers far more control over the applications and functions than a shared hosting plan but without paying the price for a dedicated server.
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