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Making your website usable for visitors to find information is important. The common misconception about usability is that usability is synonymous with expensiveness. This is not exactly true as smaller everyday businesses have been able to achieve the same results without expensive equipment for testing and without hiring the trendiest experts who charge a fortune.

Each design focuses on constructive user experience and strong communication. Business Media’s websites are made to look striking; escalating sales, extending market reach and augmenting your company`s prevailing marketing tools.

This blog examines 3 major elements every day web designers should consider implementing in their web design. These elements make a website more usable, more search engine friendly and ready to convert more visitors into customers that pay.

  1. Taglines:  Taglines are statements that represent the company, its objectives and motto. Taglines should be obvious and should stick out on the front page.  Remember that you only have 10 seconds to capture the attention of your visitor.
  2. Site Search:  This is an important element of a website. Site searches prevent visitors from digging a whole website for one specific product or service. The site search should be placed at the top and should not include the word “submit”.  Submit is an expression which misleads website visitors
  3. Site Maps: Site maps are new features; however, still are important. Not only do they improve navigation, but also search engine rankings. The site map is basically an outline of all pages on the website.

One should also consider the following tips for content:

  • Bullet all major points. Users do not read webpages word by word.
  • Limit yourself two paragraphs. These two paragraphs should only contain the most important information
  • Bold titles, keywords and other important phrases that will catch the attention of the readers.
  • Do not be vague and misleading. Make your text concise and to the point
  • Geotarget keywords.

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